Meeting Benga Adejumo is a glimpse of the point where innocence and experience intersect. This is someone who, from a teenager, has been there, seen it, done it, and changed the world. That's not even an exaggeration: he's changed the course of modern music more than once, written untold underground classics, had top ten hits, worked with some of the biggest artists on the planet, lived the global megastar DJ lifestyle and then some and – just – lived to tell the tale. Yet despite his now well-documented breakdown in 2013, there is still a part of him that seems untouched by it all. Wide-eyed, enthusiastic, often more interested in your stories than he is in talking about himself – “I've always tried to deal with people in an understanding way” as he puts it – this is still the same Beni you could have met a decade or two ago, back when he was one of the pioneers of the brand new sound: dubstep.

After a hiatus from music, Benga has stepped back into public life. Ready to change the world again.

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