Playing back to back with Seth Troxler down the local pub issomething you might assume as fitting for a profile such as Jakkob’s, whosesocial media followings total well over one million. That recent endeavour,however, and those numbers, are merely a glimpse into the flourishingself-built career of the DJ and producer.

Whilst a decision to create content during the pandemic in2020 whipped the Welshman’s name into a rather afterparty-leaning viral spin,it is difficult to find someone who has embraced club culture more holisticallyand gratefully than Jakkob. What with him holding down the fort in the past asa promoter - booking acts in Cardiff and London - working at a record label asa curator and DJing to peers for over10 years, 2024 is the year that his sound engineering and music productiondegree is put to use as Jakkob prepares to officially release his own originalmaterial. We’ve already had a taste thanks to his November 2023 remix ofMarshall Jefferson and Yofi Tofi’s ‘Tic Tacs’ - think a hearty injection ofold-school rave - and now, Jakkob is here to truly cement his place as a toplevel producer in contemporary dance music.

He’s already known for his high energy, groove infused DJsets - Jakkob has graced many a club across the UK including London,Nottingham, Manchester and Bristol - perhaps best epitomised by his KitchenClub event series, its name a fine ode to his afterparty DJ days. It seemsfitting, then, that Jakkob’s debut release ‘Rhythm Section’ is what marks theevolution of Kitchen Club to a label, too.

Kitchen Club Records isa space set to embody Jakkob’s sonic identity that he has so carefully craftedthrough expansive work in club culture; it further reinforces his premise thatwhen you’re from the dancefloor, you will always be on the dancefloor. Lookingforward post ‘Rhythm Section’ release, his remix of Herd & Fitz’s ‘JustCan’t Get Enough’ - which has already landed over one million streams onSoundcloud with zero promotion - is primed for an official release on Ministry Of Sound.

On the DJ front, international demand for Jakkob isincreasingly rife. With a takeover of new territories via a packed Australiaand New Zealand tour looming large, he is also being welcomed by the White Islethis summer, namely at ABODE alongside Enzo Is Burning. Summertime festivalbookings include the immense Hideout in Croatia and firm industry favouriteSecret Garden Party. And beyond that? You’ll have to stick around and see wherethe genre fluid club kid-turned-connoisseur turns next.





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